Friday, May 1, 2009

May 1, 09 Friday seven days past chemo#7
CORRECTION! Va will have her CAT SCAN done on Tuesday at CVH in Berlin and will either receive her results Wednesday May 6. Sorry about the misinformation.

Val had an OK night. She was able to take a shower this morning and ate a little before going to rest. The doctor is allowing her to take the pain medications (two of them) four times a day. However, these pills total 500mg of codeine, and 3000mg of tylenol. Apparently it is a 4000 mg max per day for tylenol so she can't take any more of this pill.

Love and prayers to Val always ......Salynn

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Fran said...

It appears that the course of action is appropriate. For effective pain management the cause must be identified, - acute, chronic, etd. After the scan results, if indicated, a pain management consult can be requested. Fletcher Allen has a pain center.
Fingers crossed.
Fran and Lloyd