Sunday, May 31, 2009

Sunday May 31, 09 Day four of Hospitalization

Dad's routine is to get to the hospital around 9:30 am stay until 2:00, and return around 5:30 to stay until 9pm. He then takes a sleeping pill and tries to go to sleep at 10pm. Since I have been here, he has been taking another sleeping pill at 1:30. He doesn't like it as these make him groggy in the morning, but he knows how much stronger he is when he gets his sleep, plus he can't afford to get sick hmself right now. He walks the dog about 6:30 am and then tries to go lie back down until 7:30am. He is doing fine for everyone who is worried about him. He is in a good place and doing everything he needs to be doing.

We continue to remind people that Val cannot receive flowers at this time due to her compromised immune system. However, she HAS been reading her mail which I hang up to decorate her room. So, if anyone wants to send her a card, know YES she is reading it.

Yesterday was a tough day as her pain was not well controlled like it had been at home. But be reassurred that by 9:30 pm when Dad and I left, everything was falling into place, and we left her on a high note. Her fever was 98.7 last night, but remember her baseline is 97 and the fever fluctuates throughout the day. We are not out of the woods with the fever. If she has the fever for two more days the MD (Dr. Villa) will ADD to this broad spectrum antibiotic an anti fungal antibiotic. Apparently it is common to have bacterial as well as fungal infections when your white bllod cell count is so low.

The MD put Val"s pain medications on a timed schedule as Val doesn't like to ask for them " I don't want to be a bother and I am afraid I will get addicted." She is also on Ativan for anxiety and relaxation which helps her to sleep. For pain she has a fentanyl patch on her back( I had made a mistake and called it a morphine patch) which lasts 3 days. Vicoden with tylenol and Diladid. Dad and I both feel we will find her feeling a little better today. At this stage we are looking to keep her as comfortable as possible. Blood was not drawn yesterday. I am guessing the MD was not expecting this white blood cell count to move or change quickly.

Val is really has not been eating for us. This started 6 days ago on Monday when she started to not feel well. She is getting IV fuids to counter this. I do remind her that she has to be eating and drinking for us to get her home to her pets. When she feels better she will. You can tell she doesn't fell well when she doesn't want the TV on which she hasn't for days now.

We are very happy with Val's doctor Dr Villa a woman who's job it is to treat terminally ill patients who come into the hospital. She has given us the guidance and compassion we need at this time.

Love and prayers to Val always.......Salynn

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