Friday, May 29, 2009

Friday May 29, 09 Second Day of Hospitalization
Val was admitted to CVH in Berlin on Thursday because of a fever she has had . Her diagnosis is Neutropenic Fever. Her white blood cell count had gone down to 600 and normal is 4000.
(I drove from NJ to VT this morning and spent the day at the hospital with Dad and Val and will stay the weekend.) She is on IV antibiotics for a Urinary tract infection and taking neutorpenia shots daily to bring the white blood cell count back up slowly for us. The infection could have come from an ingrown toenail or anything when the white blood cell count is so low. She was able to eat 5 bites for breakfast and about 15 bites for lunch. I made her drink every time she was awake. She is so very weak and needs rest. She did walk with me 4 times to the bathroom which is an improvement.Her red blood cell count remain at 10, and no blood transfusion is needed at this time. She can come home when she is fever free for 48 hours. The doctor is NOT allowing flowers to be sent to her room or outside food. Anyone who goes into her room has to wear a mask, gloves, and gown as her immune system is so compomised at this time. Please call me on my cell is anyone wants an update. 908-337-2983. Our goal is to get her back home as soon as we can.
Love and prayers to Val always SAlynn

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