Sunday, May 24, 2009

May 24, 09 two days past chemo #9
Val received chemo on Friday with no side effects during the treatment and none so far these past two days. This is her second chemo with the new drugs: gemcide and docetaxol. (I may have not spelled these correct.) According to Tony the chemo nurse, these are stronger drugs and may have more side effects even in the strongest person. Val remains using 1.5% oxygen all the time with her levels anywhere between 92-96%. Val continues to use the morphine patch at 50mg which she only has to change every three days. She started this morphine patch last Wednesday before chemo as it was lowering her coumadin levels). Val was able to eat more today and even walked a little upstairs a few times in the hallway. These past two weeks she hasn't been able to go downstairs for meals only, but a few times due to feeling too sick and weak. At night time, Dad and Val no longer watch a movie every might. Val has been enjoying her nightly news shows more. She is caught reading the Enquirer and People magazines occasionally to keep up on what she is seeing on the news!
Love and Prayers to Val always.........Salynn

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