Tuesday, May 5, 2009

May 5, 09 Tuesday Night 9:30 pm
Val is in good spirits, ate a large meal of soup and Caesar salad, and was resting comfortably on 2% oxygen. Dad is extremely tired, and we as his children are hoping he stays in Barre for two days to rest and relax. Rudy and Lea want to visit Val in the hospital. Dad may recommend they go on Thursday to see her. Val has to wait two days for the coumadin blood thinner to come out of her system before they can do the lung procedure. As far as we know, she must undergo anaesthesia to have an arthroscopy procedure to remove the water from the membranes outside of the right lung. The left lung is not being treated at this time. The right lung has had fluid since Dec.
Love and prayers to Val...........Salynn

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