Wednesday, May 6, 2009

May 6, 09 Wednesday
Val will undergo her thoracic surgery to place a chest tube in her right rib cage tomorrow at 12:30. She was seen by the thoracic surgeon Dr. Schmoker while Alison was there this morning. He explained that the fluid in the lung was from the cancer. He wants to have her move around into different positions after the tube is placed to attempt to get as much fluid as possible out by gravity. He will put in some flora to attempt to allow the right bottom lobe to de-scar and re- inflate it (if either of these are even possible). Val is on an IV in her arm, an extension of her porta cath IV from her upper left chest and 2% oxygen. Rudy and Lea visited this afternoon. Dad was home today to rest before her spends the day there tomorrow. Alison will be there tomorrow evening when Dad leaves.
Love and prayers to Val always...............Salynn


Fran said...

I have spoken with Val the past 2 days that she has been in the hospital. Her spirits seem pretty good despite all that is going on. The procedure today is frequently done under local anesthesia. Val expects to have a chest tube inserted for a few days so that fluid can drain (tube is usually a little below the armpit). She would like to be home for Mother's Day.
keeping fingers crossed...

Anonymous said...

I spoke to Val last night. She was quite up beat. We agreed she learning more about medical treatments than she really wants to know.

She is looking forward to finishing the last chemo on the 15th. Going to Maine is definitely high on her list. Let's see what we can do to make that happen. Bill and I will be going up for Memorial Day and we are only 20 minutes away. So we would be available for back and would help with transportation. Please keep that in mind.