Monday, May 4, 2009

May 4, 09 Monday Ten days post chemo# 7
Jazanne picked me up at the airport on Saturday morning. She drove me down to visit Val and Dad with me for lunch. It was noon and Val was in her PJs eating lunch at the table with Dad. She looks weaker, but still has a twinkle in her eye. She ate fruit, cesaer salad, ham salad some berries and a few bites of a custard tart for dessert. She still complains she is sick of taking pills when the subject comes up. I brought them some written information from the website: It talks about using, essaic tea, high doses of Vit C, melatonin and many others to fight cancer. How receptive they will be I don't know. I do know once chemo is over it is over for a while. Your body needs a break from all the toxins. Then you must do your own fight whatever that might be during that time period. Val was cheery, laughing and interested in conversation. She said that her pain was less that day and it continued to be less on Sunday when I spoke to her. It was great to see them both. Dad and Val looked tired, but they say they are sleeping the best they can. Dad has been trying Unisom, Melatonin, Tlyenol PM for a sleep aid as he doesn't like the prescribed sleeping pill. I wish he would try each one more than once to give it a fair try at effectiveness; two to three nights.

It made me feel better to see them in person. Our visit was only and hour and a half as they get tired. We stopped at Rudy and Lea's for an hour before we left Barre. Rudy had just finished walking a half a mile.
Love and Prayers to Val always...praying for only the best results from this Tuesday's CAT SCAN.......Salynn

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