Thursday, May 14, 2009

Thursday May 14, 09 11pm
Val underwent a successful blood transfusion on Wednesday (yesterday) at CVH where she received 2 pints of blood. Her blood level was a 7 early Wed., and the chemo nurse likes it to be above 10. She got home at 8:30 pm last night. She and Dad had a tiresome day. Lea and Rudy were bringing up soup for lunch for her. The plan was to have Val shower this afternoon, as she will go for chemo #8 tomorrow at Dr. Elttackch's office. Val will be receiving a new type of chemo the name I do not know yet. Then, she will go back 7 days later for this new chemo again and one more added to it, and then chemo again 3 weeks later. They are changing the type of chemo used from taxol and cysplatum because her cancer has been resistant.
Love and prayers to Val always.....Salynn

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