Tuesday, May 5, 2009

May 5, 09 Tuesday
Val had her CAT SCAN today at CVH in Berlin. She was seen by Dr. Eltabbhk immediately after. She was admitted to Fletcher Allen Hospital in Burlington at 3:00 this afternoon with a diagnosis of right lung mod-severe pleural effusion. She will stay 2-3 days as a respiratory consult is needed before she can have her lung aspirated. The left lung showed diffuse nodules and the right lung was unable to be seen due to the fluid. She is presently on the McClure 12 ward, and her phone number is 802-847-9256. Alison my sister went to be with them at the hospital this evening and plans to be there for her MD rounds in the morning.
Love and prayers to Val.......Salynn

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Fran said...

I spoke with Val on the phone tonight. She sounded good and said she felt ok as long as she didnt move around too much. She said she was calm and in a little pain but was going to get some medication soon.
Regards to all - Fran