Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Tuesday May 26, 09 four days past chemo #9
Dad and Val called my daughter Maeve today to wish her a happy birthday for she was 6 yesterday. I spoke to Val after her conversation with Maeve. First, she said she was worried about Lea who has been sick with a fever and the stomach flu for two days. Rudy has somehow escaped it. Val mentioned she hasn't felt like talking on the phone since the chest tube hospitalization. She is not in the mood she says. She feels it drains all of her energy. So for those of you who have wanted to speak to her she just doesn't feel up to it right now. She said she was really scared about these last two chemo's, but physically hasn't noticed them to be any worse on her than the first seven chemo treatments. The morphine patch she likes as she doesn't have to worry about when to take the pain pills. She doesn't like to take pills as most of you know by know. She does take one vicoden maybe in a 12 hour period to supplement. I told her if she is in pain then take something, you shouldn't be afraid to do so or feel you are doing something wrong. I asked if the morphine made her feel any different? Her voice seemed drugged to me; rather groggy. But hey, it was after lunch and she was in bed resting , and it was near her afternoon siesta time. She spoke of the new pill she takes for relaxation and anxiety
(it begins with an R ,and she nor I could remember the name). She feels it helps her at night to relax and sleep a little better when they turn the lights out at 10pm. I encouraged her to keep eating, drinking and getting up to go to the bathroom as it keeps all systems moving. She said honestly it is hardCheck Spelling work to just get up to go to the bathroom right now, but I do it.
Love and prayers to Val always....Salynn

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Salynn, Joe and family, our hearts and prayers go out to you and your loved ones at this time. The Hunts