Saturday, May 16, 2009

May 16, 09 Saturday One day past chemo#8
Val received IV fluids yesterday along with two new chemo drugs named: (I lost the paper with the names so I will get back to you all on this). The pamphlet read about 20 possible side effects. So far, she was up at 4 am this morning suffering with diarrhea and vomiting. It did stop around 11. She was able to eat a little broth before lunch and her visit from Rudy and Lea. Val has been suffering with pain in her left leg from a new or old blood clot DVT. It pains her to walk and actually both legs are swollen from all the fluids since the hospital visit. She is not up walking except to the bathroom so her normal mechanism of muscle pumping the fluid out is not happening right now. The MD recommended the JOBST stocking which Uncle Bob in FL mentioned months ago. He has bought his rubber gloves to apply them, and he had his lesson on how to put them on her. Now he awaits their arrival. We spoke about the anti nausea medication Zofram. It didn't work for her in the past. We will keep it in mind if the vomiting continues and give it another try. Val continues to be on 3% oxygen at all times. Dad voices how loud and deeply she breaths almost labored although she always reads 92 on this 3% oxygen.
Basically Val is very sick and tired at this time. She is scheduled for chemo next Friday.

Dad has voiced some frustration in dealing with the staff at Dr. Elttabakh office. The chemo nurse calls and tell him one thing. Then when he speaks to the MD directly he is told something different. I can see his frustration with this as he is trying to get all his information straight and he is getting mixed messages.
Love and prayers to Val always....Salynn

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mary s. said...

To Val and Jay

My thoughts are with you throughout every day, praying that things ease up for you. The following web page may or may not help with application of the Jobster stockings, or you may already be aware of it. I am unsure if it will work with ease if someone else is applying these stockings, but thought it was worth taking a look at.

My thoughts and love always Val

Mary S.