Thursday, April 30, 2009

Thursday April 30, 09 Six days past chemo#7
As I spoke to Dad this am Val was sleeping after eating a small breakfast. Today was the first day she refused to shower and wasn't able to come downstairs for breakfast. The pain in her abdomen is intense now. Val doesn't seem to get the relief like she used to from the pain when she takes her codeine. The options are to take 4 pain pills today. There has been some mention of a patch she could wear for pain, but I am not sure if that came from Dr Elttabback's wife the physician assistant or Eltabback's nurse. If anyone of our nurse followers has any advice on pain control please make a comment. Thanks as Val is not getting much relief, and we know there are many pain control options (we just don't know what they are).

I spoke to Jazanne my neice ( Baine and Denise's daughter) at 10pm tonight. She informed me that Val is having an abdominal CAT SCAN tomorrow. I just assume in Burlington, and that she will be getting the results on Saturday. Pray for Val's inner strength and peace as she goes through this scary time with the unknown of what is causing her pain levels to be so high at this time.

Love and Prayers to Val always.........Salynn

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