Friday, April 10, 2009

Friday April10, 09 seven days past chemo#6
Baine dropped off flowers from Mere for Val yesterday at around 5. He was invited in for some pasta which Dad has been making. Val has given her approval that he is getting pretty good at making the sugo under her supervision. Baine said it was delicious. Baine reported that Val looked extremely tired. Val spent the majority of the day downstairs despite feeling so fatigued and so much pain. By 6:30pm, everyday Val and Dad are upstairs relaxing in bed already and rarely answer the phone. They usually watch a movie at 8-10 pm before lights out. This is a special time of day for them as this is Val's time of day. (She, like Rudy and Lea, is a night owl.) She had her nulasta shot on wed., and all her blood levels remain good. We have invited Dad and Val to join us in Montpelier at 12 on Easter Sunday for brunch as Rudy and Lea are coming, but reluctant as they want Val and Dad to come too. We hope everyone comes, but Val's pain and fatigue may keep her home..understandably, but we want to give her the option.
Love and prayers to Val. Salynn.

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