Thursday, April 16, 2009

April 16, 09 Thursday 13 days past chemo#6
A special thank you to Audry the kind neighbor who lives behind Val and Dad. She is an OR nurse at CVH in Berlin and sometimes works surgeries with Dr. Ettaback. She has been following the blog and came over yesterday to share some of her knowledge. She wanted to tell Val that some of her abdominal pain could be coming from adhesions and scar tissue. She also reminded them that the steroids Val takes every month delays healing.; it has only been four months since Val's jigantic surgery Dec. 4. It was nice to hear a positive, reassuring words. Thank you for being so thoughtful to share with us Audrey.
Dad and Val also mentioned that they spoke to their chemo nurse Tony and Dr. Ettaback about the Essaic Tea and the Resveratol from red grapes for supplementary treatment for Val's cancer. The answer they got was these are not recommended for stage 4 cancers. I take that with a grain of salt as it is only the opinion of one. If you asked a natrapathec MD or another cancer gynocologist they may have a different opinion. I would just like to see her battle this cancer from every angle, but it is not my battle to fight and I respect any decisions she makes.
Val had a great time at the ladies night out dinner last night Wed. to celebrate Cindy Catto's birthday. (Please read the comment from the previous blog where Cindy Catto wrote). Dad said she looked great all in pink with all her jewelry. She had planned her pain meds to be most effective in the evening, and had rested most of the day to save her energy for her night out. It was a Happy day knowing Val did this for herself and her friend. She needs to do more fun things like this!!
Love and prayers to Val...........Salynn

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