Monday, April 13, 2009

Monday April 13, 09 Ten days past chemo#6
Happy Easter to all from Val! We were in Vt for from Thursday to Sunday staying at Alison's. Joe and I brought lunch to Val and Dad on Saturday. Val said the pain in her bilateral lower abdomen was worse after this chemo (she points to both the old ovaries location). Then says " it is almost two pains with the second being the "routto" central pain right up the middle" as she draws her hand up her stomach to her esophagus. It begins early in the mornings so by lunch she is taking her first ("happy pill "as Alison calls it) vicoden. When Joe and I arrived she had taken it at 11, and so " I feel pretty good she said". I walked with her downstairs and noticed right away that as soon as she started walking she was out of breath, and seemed much more deconditioned than the last month I saw her. Understandibly so, as she has been walking less these past 8 days due to the pain. Her O2 levels remains at 90 and she remains off her oxygen. We all sat downstairs and ate lunch together. Joe helped Dad on the computer a little while Val allowed me to give her a pedicure. and a manicure. Much needed, as her big toenails both looked on the verge on being ingrown with potential for infection. Steffan will be happy to know that every time I see her she is wearing the white jacket over her PJ's. And that Val wanted to try the new foot soaker/massager that Steffan had given her also. We used Nancy's new towels for the drying part. Val was in good spirits and eager for conversation. She is planning on an outing this week so Joe and I encouraged her to make these plans happen! Val worries that the pains are her cancer growing back. I told her we all have those worries, but we hope that the pains are just the chemo working.
After the time with Dad and Val we stopped to see Rudy and Lea for an hour. Despite all our coaxing and peer pressure, we couldn't convince them to go to brunch with us on Easter Sunday. Rudy will start a little PT for strengthening of his legs on think on April 20. They seemed to be doing well and in the routine of a daily 2 hour visit to Val.
Love and prayers to Val SAlynn

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Anonymous said...

Val came to my birthday dinner with the girls last night(15th) at Lucia's, the former Country House in downtown Barre.

I was thrilled!!!!!!!! I had no idea she was coming. What a wonderful surprise.

She ordered eggplant parmesan and I had mushroom ravioli with gorgonola sauce. We each had a taste of the others. She ate a salad and their delicious Italian bread. Her entree was quite large so she brought some home.

Val looked great in a hot pink sweater set. I gave her a ride home in my new Smart for two convertible. We were at dinner for over 2 hours.

Again I feel that spring and sunshine are giving Val and all of us a more positve outlook.

Cindy Catto