Wednesday, April 29, 2009

April 28,09 Tuesday four days past chemo#7
Val had chemo #7 last Friday with no complications. She received her CA-125 number which was 49 (this is 12 points less from chemo#6)! She and Dad were both pleased to have the number drop a little more. Dr.Eltabback was not there so his wife who is a physician's assistant helped to deliver the chemo and perform her physical exam. His wife was also present during Val's tumor removal surgery way back in Dec. Val and Dad felt like she was more forth coming in her explanations during the physical exam. It was reassuring to hear that Val has a small hernia right where she feels she gets her "ruto" feeling at the zyphoid process which has been bothering her for several months with no explanation. It was also good to hear that the lungs sound the same with no indication that the right pleural effusion is any worse or better (I know they are trained doctors, but I still feel this is a subjective call what one hears....) . The internal exam shows no signs of tumors growing where her ovaries used to be. Val only lost one pound at this visit. In total, she has lost 45-50 pounds. She is trying to eat, but Dad who cooks the meals feels she is eating less. They even went for a creemee (soft serve ice cream) after dinner on Monday and she couldn't finish the small cone. She seems to get full quicker. We did learn a time frame for Val. The last chemo #8 is May 15, 09 and 30 days after this she will have her repeat cat scan (we believe a full body) and repeat chest x-ray. This will give the MD her cancer scan of the body and tell us how the tumors responded in the lungs to the chemo.
MY vote is after May 15, go to Maine (Kennebunk) for 30 days of R&R. To get away and have some ocean therapy. Then come back to VT for the tests! She can rest and sleep just as well in ME as she can in VT, and a little change of scenery would be good for the soul! Just my opinion and food for thought.
Love and prayers to Val always.....Salynn

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