Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Tuesday April 7, 09 Four days past Chemo#6
I apologize for my lack of blogging...I give no excuses..Sorry
Last Friday, Val received her second full 100% dose of chemo at #6. That night began a very sick feeling and lots of pain which has basically been what she has been experiencing since. Usually, while she took the steroids those first five days (one before and four after) she has felt fair, but this was the first time since chemo #1 that she was sick that night of her chemo treatment and has stayed sick. We are thankful that she is not vomiting, having constipation nor diarrhea though. Val remains off her oxygen. She lost 1-2 pounds since chemo #5. Her Ca-125 marker went from 67 to 61. The MD didn't really have an answer for the boils she is experiencing on her body......so if any of our nurse friends could comment on the blog about this we would appreciate it. Both Val and Dad left the chemo#6 treatment quite depressed as they had both hoped that the Ca-125 marker would have been in the 30's. Hey, I thought it was great news that the number continued to go down, but it wasn't the number Val and Dad thought it would be.

Love and Prayers to Val.....Salynn

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