Wednesday, March 18, 2009

March 18, 09 Six days past chemo#5
I have been asked by Val to write a special thank you to all who made her birthday so special. There are four things: Thank you for the flowers, cards, phone calls and presents. It was a better day than she expected. Dad made her eggplant parmesan for dinner, and it was his best batch!! Val was able to sit outside for a couple of hours yesterday because the weather was so good. She had visitors from Pruddy and Ginny as well as Rudy and Lea.
Val 's pain has gotten worse today, and she feels more sick today as the steroids were stopped yesterday. The prunes seem to be helping along with the Miralax so at least her cramps form constipation have been avoided thus far. Today is the visit form the home health nurse who draws blood and gives the Nulasta shot.
Love and prayers to val always.......Salynn


Anonymous said...

Hi Val,
Happy Belated Birthday, So sorry that I have been out of the loop. My thoughts and prayers are with you everyday. I'll catch up with your mom this weekend and then try giving you and Jay a call.
Love, Enes

smitrud said...

Hey Val and Jay, So glad I spoke with you today and you filled me in on everything. This blog is great and I will follow it regularly. Hope you continue to have a good day and again please call for anything. Let me know when you are up for a visit with Dee-O-Gee and Izzy. Love you, Trudy

smitrud said...

Hey Val,
Just thought I would drop you a line and let you know you are in my thoughts and prayers. Hope you are doing okay after the latest round of chemo. My sister-in-law's cousin, Leslie, gets her first dose of chemo tomorrow, she's very anxious about it, as I am sure you can appreciate. She is just beginning to eat better after her surgery in late Feb., I hope she has the strength to cope with the side effects. Her doctor seems pleased with her progress, so all we can do is wait and pray.
Izzy got spayed 2 weeks ago today and it certainly did not slow her down a bit. She got her stiches out Friday and even the vet was surprised that she didn't even blink when it was done. Dee-O-Gee was a wreck when they did him, I guess he is a little whimpy, but oh so much easier to train. I am still dealing with occasional deposits on the floor despite taking her out every 2 hours. I swear she does it on purpose, kind of like telling me she is the boss. It's hard to get mad at her because she is so darn cute!
I have to go eat now, so I will sign off. All my love to you and Jay. Trudy