Tuesday, March 17, 2009

March 17, 09 four days past chemo #5
Happy Birthday to Val. "Thank You for all the cards and phone calls" from Val. We called this morning for the ritual birthday song. Val's plan was to go out to the new restaurant in town if she still felt well enough tonight for an early dinner. I encouraged her if not today than next week when she may feel better.
Ryan was in VT with his family as Steffan's grandmother's funeral was last Saturday. He brought breakfast to Val and Dad early that morning. They all had bagels together. After, he and Dad went to run the garbage to the dump and to the medicine shop to get Val's Nulasta shot.
I hope Ryan will blog to give his own update.
I was in VT for the funeral and visited Dad and Val on Sunday morning at 10 am-11am. Val looked great with color in her cheeks and spunk in her voice as we visited. I guess what impressed me the most is her initiative to take walks by herself throughout the house, walks with Dad and Fuller man in the driveway, and occasionally sits in the driveway in a lawn chair when it has been nice enough. Sunday, Val even took a short walk outside in the driveway with Fuller all by herself. She has been doing these walks since one week before chemo #5. She just looked stronger. She didn't want to take her vitamins when I encouraged her to, but she is taking her magnesium pills. She continues on the Miralax and even ate six prunes and some raisins for me that I brought her. I am hoping Val could avoid another frozen colon like happened last chemo by being proactive with her diet. She said her right leg hasn't been bothering her with the DVT's despite all this new walking. Her coumadin levels and hemglobin has been stable.
My impression is that both Dad and Val are out of a shock phase and seem to be living each day a little more to the fullest.
Happy Birthday to Val. Love and prayers to you also.......Salynn

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