Saturday, March 14, 2009

March 14, 09 Saturday Day #1 after chemo #5
Val received the maximum (100%) of chemo and had no reaction during the infusion. She did have more pain than usual last night and took a pain pill despite being on the steroids right now. Her CA-125 level is now down to 66 from 89 at the last chemo#4!!! Her hemoglobin and coumadin levels are within normal ranges. She has a low level of magnesium so they have started her on magnesium. For all the nurses who follow this blog if you could comment on why the magnesium goes down that would be informative.
Steffan Ryan's wife visited Val while she was having her chemo. Val expressed and cried to her chemo nurse Tony that her fear was that the pain in hr abdomen was her tumors growing back. Tony explained to her the massive amount of organs and large surgery she has been through as well as scar tissue that is developing. She also reassured her that the chemo attacks the stomach, intestines and colon causing pain. Baine stopped by to ask Dad if he wanted him to drive him to Barre and he said no. Val reassured Baine that they were doing fine.
Ryan stopped in Barre this morning to bring bagels and have a short visit with Val and Dad before the funeral of Steffan's grandmother today.
Love and prayers to Val Salynn


Fran said...

I know that Cisplatin interferes with how the kidney absorbs magnesium and that low magnesium levels are extremely common with this type of chemo. Some foods (broccoli, chocolate, nuts) are rich in magnesium but you still need an infusion or mag tabs as eating is not enough.
Yaay for the CA 125 levels and that Val received some reassurance and info from the nurse re pain.
Condolences to Steff and family.

Tawnya said...

My heart goes out to you Val,Uncle
Jay and all of the family, my thoughts are with you all.