Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Wed. Jan 13, 09
Dad and Val are having land line telephone problems. They will be up and running tomorrow on Thursday after the repair man is there.You can call Rudy or lea if you need something urgent before Friday. They do have their cell phone if needed. From speaking to Tony the chemo nurse Val is passing her hardest days of 2-5 after chemo #2 Last Jan 12. We are expecting the next chemo to go even better if this one continues on it's current positive track. Day 7-10 post chemo is where the blood may dip and transfusions may be warranted. Rudy is trying to convince Val to take her Tylenol for the abdomen pain vs. the codeine which is addictive and has constipation effects. Kudo's to Rudy for trying we are all supporting you. We are all hoping that Val will begin to go downstairs once a day again real soon for so many good reasons! Love and prayers to Val Salynn

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