Wednesday, January 7, 2009

January 7th

I spoke with Dad on the phone this morning.
Val went for her blood transfusion yesterday at the Barre Hospital.
She got 2 pints of blood and an additional clear solution of electrolytes in parallel.
Baine drove them home from the Hospital around 3:30 and Val seemed pretty well and
was able to walk to the couch by herself and rest there.
Val did not sleep well again last night so is still quite tired today.
Val feels quite a bit of new pain in her abdomen today and will try and rest as much as she can.
The home nurse is there this morning to take blood.
The nurse is scheduled to come tomorrow as well. Then the Chemo appointment is on Friday.
Love and Prayers for Val!!


Denise said...

Ryan, Baine, Alison/John, & Salynn: What a great system you've initiated for informing all of us about Val's daily progress. My heart breaks as I read it but how fortunate she is to have you supporting her and your dad. Love and prayers, Aunt Denise

Denise said...

In my note I omitted Denise, Joe, and Steff's names--my bad!!! AuntD