Monday, January 5, 2009

Monday Jan.5, 09 10:00pm I spoke to Dad this noon time. He said Val had had a shower and walked only to and from the bathroom and to the chair beside her bed. Both are scared of the right foot pain which is limiting them pushing to walk any further today. He measured the right upper thigh to be 2 inches bigger than the left. The right foot arch area measured one inch bigger than the left. He said his call to the chemo nurse was specifically to ask if they should be concerned with this right leg pain. I never found out tonight if he got his answer. I tried to reassure him that Val is protected against a stroke or a traveling blood clot given the greenfield filter and the coumadin. I thought the question should really be is there any reason she should be "developing" new clots...that would be my concern if they say yes maybe a new tumor is pressing on her vascular system again. Let's hope not. Val ate well french toast for breakfast, chicken salad for lunch with no signs of nausea, vomiting, diarrhea today that I am aware of. The visiting nurse has been coming every day. Today blood was drawn ( I am not sure if Ettaback office requested this as it was scheduled for Tues and Thurs ). It revealed a 7 hemoglobin. Dad will take Val up to CVH in Berlin at 8 am tomorrow for two more pints of blood. We were thinking maybe while she is there is it possible to get the IV meds to battle the vomiting and nausea that she experienced the first time? Denise has been speaking to Dr. Caplan office in montpelier. This is the naturapathic doctor who will help her with her chemo side effects and nutrition. They are only able to do a phone consult this week and will schedule an appointment with Val near the end of Jan. before chemo #3 (21 day s after Jan 9, 09.) Love and prayers to Val. Salynn

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Fran said...

Thanks for the report Salynn - i see that you and i w ere concerned about the same issues. I hope that i f there is clot it would be from inactivity rather than tumor formation.
AS you know all MDs are different but I think Dr Eltabakkah will consider her level of oxygen saturation, her fluid and electrolyte numbers and her bloof chemistries to determine if Friday is a go.Maybe if all the numbers look good but the patient does not look good he will do the chemo and hospitalize.
Wishing for something to work well and raise her spirits. Love to all - Fran