Sunday, January 25, 2009

Jan 25, 09 Sunday (Day 16 after chemo#2)
I spoke to Dad last night for 20 minutes. That is chatty for him! He stated that the first 7 days post chemo for Val were very tiring, but since day 10 she has had pretty good days where she eats well and rests well. She gets up stays in the chair in her bedroom a little, walks in the hallway little and then rests. She did go down stairs 3 days ago to help Dad make the "sugo" (red sauce), but otherwise she doesn't want to go downstairs. She was apparently craving Dad's eggplant Parmesan. She is now on 2 senna pills and her BM are 2-3 x per day with no pain. She stands a little in the shower, but still uses her shower chair all without oxygen. When she gets out of the shower, her oxygen is down to 85 before she gets it back on. Her right calf is still swollen, but not painful despite her coumadin level being at 1.4 ( they like it between 2-3). I mentioned Jobst stockings to him and explained that they have to be measured and she would have to wear them. He said he would speak to her and see if she would wear them.. I explained she could just wear one knee high on the right to stabilize the clots and prevent them from moving on her. Less swelling means less discomfort in that leg. She is a tough sell though form all that know her well. Her friend Mary Lou has spoken to Val and shared her own experience with the Jobst stockings so she may have been a positive influence too on Val. The last RBC count remained at 10.4. The next CA-125 marker number will be drawn this coming Wednesday Jan. 28. Her next scheduled chemo #3 is this Friday Jan 30, 09. She continues to take two pain pills a day for her abdominal pain. One she takes and hour before Rudy and Lea visit which is everyday around 2-4. I was happy to hear my Dad say it is a little lonely and we look forward to their visit everyday. Thank you to Paul Porior who will drive Dad to his eye appointment on Monday Jan 26. Rudy and Lea will come up and stay in the house with Val. Dad can't drive after the appointment as they will dilate both his pupils to check his macular degeneration which has been stable for a few months. Love and Prayers to Val Salynn

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From Cindy Catto
Thanks for the update. Val left me a lengthy message on my cell phone yesterday, Sunday. I've been sendy chatty notes from Florida. She sounded a little breathless but up beat.

She mention #3 chemo was this Friday and that she knew I would be back shortly after that.

I live close enough by so I will stop in often as soon as I am back and will be able to boost Jay up too. I also plan on encouraging him to start going back to breakfast with the guys at Soups.

Hopefully Jay and Val will be able to start having a more normal life in between the treatments.

Cindy Catto