Monday, January 12, 2009

Jan 12, 09 6 pm
I spoke to Dad tonight and he reported how tiring the trip was for both he and Val. " The trip wears her out. When we got home she didn't want to stay down stairs at all". "Baine was a big help to us as he stopped at Dr. Ettaback's office before his class in Burlington. He walked the dog which was a big help". Dad said they got to the MD at 11:30 as they stopped at a store to get the Adwalla drinks that Val likes so much. She did get her shower yesterday so tonight and tomorrow will be days of rest. Dad expressed that Val was upset over her CA-125 marker results which came back today. After surgery CA-125 was 265, after first chemo CA-125 was 165, today CA-125 was 245. The chemo nurse Tony explained the marker can be affected by many things esp when taken so soon after giving a chemo treatment. I was surprised and happy to hear Dad even picked up a pamphlet to read to Val about how variable the marker is. Of course, we all want this marker to keep going down with each chemo. Tony drew Val's blood so the visiting nurse doesn't have to come tomorrow. That is one less person coming tomorrow as Dad has to go out to pick up the organic dog food chicken necks. Ans he may do a little shopping as Ginny Val's friend will stay with her. So Val describes this abdominal pain as the same pain before surgery which has reappeared that last week before Jan 9. She takes codeine for the pain which constipates her. I was encouraging Dad to talk to Tony about different meds that wouldn't constipate her. As now, the seneca laxative is working well with less pain with her BM's. For good news, she ate minestrone soup with some strawberries for dinner.
Love and prayers to Val. Salynn

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