Thursday, January 8, 2009

Jan.8, 09 8:30 pm Val's best day out of the first 21! She called two friends today and actually got on the phone to speak to me for a short time. I encouraged her to drink the ginger teas which are suppose to help with nausea, wear the sea-bands on her wrists for nausea during chemo and every day following, and to try to take ALL of her vitamins EVERYDAY. I am worried about the potential for the tingling in her hands and feet that she probably will get. Val will take the predisone tonight at 9 and 3 am (they will set the alarm). I also verbally said to her that she can do this she has the strength. She only replies oh Salynn. She needs to hear positive statements. Even the chemo nurse Tony encouraged them both today explaining she had some new tricks and changes up her sleeve to decrease all the side effects Val experienced with her first chemo. Off to chemo #2 Jan 9 Love and prayers to Val for a better experience on round two. Love and prayers to Val Salynn

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NancyB said...

Hey, I just got a call from Val. I was so excited. She sounded stronger and more positive than I have heard in a long time. She had chemo today and they titrated her steriods up and gave the chemo more slowly. She tolerated it well and although tired from the long day, she feels pretty good (good enough to call)!