Thursday, January 1, 2009

Jan. 1, 09 Last night Val's blood level was a 4 and went up to a 7 after two liters of blood transfusion. Normal we think is a 14. Coming home was difficult. She made it into the jewelry room then rested. Then into the living room then rested. Then up the stairs with Dad and Baine's help. She vomited at the top of the stairs then rested. She eventually made it back to bed. Denise washed her up, changed her clothes and freshened her up with lip gloss and lotion before tucking both Dad and Val into bed at 11:30. Dad and Val made it up to the new year against all odds this year. Dad hasn't seen the 11:30 in years! Love and prayers to Val. Salynn


Anonymous said...

Hi All,
I just got off the phone with my cousin, Mary Simonetta, who informed me about this blog. Thank all of you who are keeping the rest of us informed. I am Rudy and Lea's goddaughter and I consider Val my cousin. We decided awhile ago that was easier than trying to explain the connection. Val and Jay you are in my heart everyday, that way I can take you everywhere. I just came back from a walk to the pond and thought of Val and Fuller on the beach. I plan to call Lea and Rudy today. Val, love and prayers to you every second. Love, Enes (Conedera - my parents were Alice Buscaglia and Edo Conedera from Barre who went to school with Lea).

Fran said...

Hello Everyone,

I realize that for all of us, on many different levels, and for many deeply personal reasons, Val's illness has, is and will continue to create complex emotions. While I understand that the blog is not necessarily the place for these emotions to be expressed I just thought I would tell you that I am used to talking WITH VAL about deeply personal things so it is weird now to being talking about her and not with her. I believe that she will have stronger times and look forward to speaking with her then.

At present, most the blog followers are siblings. Although we know OF one another, we don't really know each other very well. Of course, at this time our main concern is Val, but in this process I would like to introduce myself so that you may better understand me, how much Val means to me, and that my intentions are always of good will although I may at times be blunt (don't take it personally!).

As you know, Val and I are cousins. We are related through my Grandfather and Lea's side of the family. I have been to and from Barre since I was four years old. My Grandparents emigrated to Barre from Italy, moved to NYC, summered in Barre and ultimately retired there. Val and I have spent many happy summers together. My mom is here in Ny and concerned about Val so I am giving her daily updates. I envy those of you who are siblings. Val and i are only children and she has been the closest person to me as a sister. I think she GETS me and that I GET her.

I understand Val's need for rest and Val and Jay's need for privacy. I do not take it personally that Val is not able to speak with me now. I think that you are all doing an amazing job and cannot express enough thanks. When I am needed I would like to participate as well.You guys know how to deal with your dad... I don't! When Val would like to see me, I would love to see her. I know that this makes Dad anxious, as he has let me know. Help!

I have been a nurse for a loooong time-so from a medical point of view, her condition or needs will not surprise me. If I can be of any help in translating any information or speaking with any health professionals, I'd be more than happy to do so. I currently work full time in a school and part time in an emergency dept and most of my experience is in a hospital. I am off for three days the middle of January (MLK weekend) and would like to come to Vermont if Val would like. (I can also come on any other 2 day weekend)

She and Dad may feel that because of the distance from NYC that I would need to be at the house for a long time. I certainly understand that this is not possible-I don't need to be entertained or cared for, five minutes (okay, maybe ten =)), would be enough and then I can do other things in Barre (visit Leah and Rudy, etc).

Talk to you soon!

Fran said...

Wow - Val sure isnt catching a break, is she. Sounds like the numbers were Val's hemoglobin which is the iron in your blood and is affected by chemo. If that number could stay up she would have more energy. Youre right-- not exactly a way to ring in the new year.
Sorry my entry was posted twice - a mistake. I didnt realize I wasnt a contributor.
PS Enes - did you know my grandparetns Egisto and Pina Pacetti from NY?

jane wass said...

Please let Val know that she is in my prayers. Both Leighton and I think of you both every day. Diane Nicholls has called inquiring about how you're doing Val. I let her know about the blog.

Cindy Catto said...

Thank you for keeping us up-to-date on Val's condition. I know how please both Jay and Val must be to see you, wonderful children, pulling together for them.

I hope Val got the blood of a 20 year old, That will certainly help her Italian spirit kick in. I have faith that she can beat this.

There are certainly enough prayers and good wishes working on it.

Cindy Catto

NancyB said...


A package is coming Val's way (maybe today via US Mail). Tell her it was created with love and prayers.