Friday, January 30, 2009

Friday Jan 3o,09

This past weekend Ryan's wife Steffan was in from TX and was able to visit Val and Dad on Sunday so look to this blog for her comments.
This week also Prudy Val's friend visited ( I think on Tues.). She may want to comment also for us. Thanks.

Cindy Catto called from FL and has allowed me to add her comments.....
"I just had a great chat with Val to wish her well tomorrow and tell her I would see her next week. She was really upbeat and said she going to wear earrings and maybe even lipstick to tomorrow's chemo. Val talked about giving your father cooking instructions for a tomato sauce that even a first grade could make. She is feeling like she's starting to heal from the surgery.
I heard the old "Val" in her voice. I think this is something to celebrate. I'm not sure how many people read the comments on the blog spot; so please feel free to quote from this e-mail."

Cindy Catto

Thanks for all the support form family and friends. Love and prayers to Val Salynn

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