Monday, January 19, 2009

January 19th

January 19th.
I spoke to Dad on the phone today. Val and Dad are resting today as they are a little tired out. Val has had 3 good days in a row so that has been good. Val has been eating pretty well and enjoying some Odawalla drinks. The home nurse is coming tomorrow to take blood and hopefully the red blood cell count is staying up.
Love and Prayers to VAl !!!


Anonymous said...

Yeah!!!!! The illness sounds manageable now!!!
Cindy Catto

Fran said...


Fran said...

January 22
Lloyd and I visited Val and Jay this past weekend. Val looked good, had good color, ate well and walked to the bathroom and in the hallway with strength.Her voice is strong and she seems like herself. I think she will soon be ready to go downstairs but is proceeding with caution as is understandable.
She was very interested in feeling well enough to watch the inauguration (and did so). Her hair is thinning and she uses oxygen but all in all this round of chemo is "okay".
We also visited with Lea and Rudy. We spoke with realistic encouragement. They really seemed to be doing well given the circumstances. Val, Jay, Lea amd Rudy are doing a heroic job!
Best to all
Fran and Lloyd