Saturday, January 10, 2009

Sat Jan 10, 09 12:30
Baine drove dad and Val to and from Burlington yesterday for chemo #2. Dad said it was a big help having Baine; 'he waited on the two of us". He also took Dad shopping for groceries, Dad got a hair cut,and they both did some "book work". Sounded like there was some quality bonding going on while Val had her chemo. Her visit started with and evaluation by Dr. ettaback. He showed Val where the blood clots were in her right leg and told her she had to wear the stocking during the day ( she will now the MD has told her to). He listened to her lungs which he felt sounded more clear with less fluid (hip hip hooray). (During chemo the nurse Tony tried to reduce and take Val off the oxygen for a period. Her oxygen saturation dropped so she remained on 2 %. That OK she didn't need more o2 so we are ahead of the game.) He palpated her abdomen to identify the source of Val's discomfort which is relieved with vicoden, but had no answer why for her. The chemo nurse administered different nausea meds to help Val not have such a bad reaction after chemo. And during chemo there was no allergic reaction what so ever!
They left the house at 7:30 and got home around 4:30. A long day, but when I spoke to them at 5:30 Dad and Val were downstairs having soup and crab meat for dinner feeling only slightly tired from the day. Val did not wear her sea-band bracelets for naseau , but the chemo nurse spoke positively about them. I hope she wears them. Her hemoglobin was 11 on Thursday and 10 on Friday. No Ca-125 marker has come back yet. No fever as of yet. Her coumadin is back to 1.7 on 3 (pills or mg i don't know). Love and prayers to Val completing round #2 four more to go. She can do this!!!! Salynn

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Anonymous said...

Hi everyone,

I'm glad things went so well on #2. Thanks for keeping us updated. I am trying to write Val a note everyday. It seems strange to not e-mail.

I'm also sending some flrida sunshine along with my love.

Cindy Catto