Sunday, January 11, 2009

Jan 11, 09 Sunday 11:00am
I spoke to Dad who was melancholy as Val has been sleeping deeply for a couple of hours this morning. He reported that Val had been up early ate eggs with cheese and choc milk, brushed her teeth all by herself and was regular with painful BM due to the seneca medication she is on that increases the bowel contractions. He said she had two good days up until around 11:30 yesterday when she just began to feel uncomfortable ( like she had poison circulating in her body is how I interpret this). She even picked up a magazine and made a few phone calls before this occurred. Both had been extremely anxious awaiting the nausea and vomiting to begin which hasn't so far (knock on wood). Dad is mentally preparing for tomorrow's journey to Burlington with Val by himself to get the Nulasta shot that is done to help keep up her stem cell production in the bone marrow. He plans on getting her to shower this afternoon as it will be too busy tomorrow. Dad shared that Val for the first time last evening mentioned her "spirits were down". You each have your own connection with Val so each can interpret this in your own way.
Love and prayers to Val Salynn

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