Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Wednesday Aug. 12, 09
It was 8:30 before I got a chance to speak to Dad tonight. He was downstairs about to help Val walk up to bed. Sometimes, she likes to stay downstairs to rest...the hospital bed is reeeallly comfortable she says. I think she may just like being downstairs for an hour more to pretend the day is not coming to an end. Don't ever forget, Val is a night owl like her parents!

Dad said the nicest things happened to him today. First, his neighbor Audrey who is an OR nurse at CVH said she would be taking the day off from work on Thursday to check in on Val while he was at the eye doctor. She said "You've never asked me to help before, and I want there for you both." I told him "That's so nice, I think I might cry." So, we both did for a moment.
I reassured him that it is "OK" to ask people for help. There are so many people willing to help Val and Dad, even though he has difficulty asking. He also said, that his friend Mary Simoneti called to tell him that she was around on Thursday. Mary used to be the school nurse at Spaulding High School where he used to teach if I am not mistaken. Blessings occur everyday and this is an example.

Despite Val's resistance, she let Dad put the raised toilet seat with armrests over the master bathroom toilet. She doesn't like it, but it is a lot easier for her to get up and down from.

Love and prayers to Val always......Salynn

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