Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Wednesday Aug 5, 09
Val was up at 6am dressing and ready for when Dad came back from the bakery with her favorite breakfast danish. By 7:15 she was out the door and on the beach at 7:30. The morning was beautiful and the tide was low which couldn't have been more perfect for us getting her down there by wheelchair. It takes two of us to drag and push that chair backwards toward the water so she is close enough to meet all the dogs walking. She saw sooo many of her friends from her days past of walking this beach with Fuller. We took some photos of the dogs she saw as she got to hold the little ones! She is still looking for her friend Steve and friend Donna.

Our plan to is get her to the beach early each day before the dogs are off at 9. Then get her back to the beach after 5 for the evening dog walkers. This evening her college roommate Debbie joined her for an hour.

As Val was going to bed this evening she said " Up here on the beach in Maine, I don't feel like I am sick". I responded that I thought that was great. However, I reminded her that she is taking two steroids each day to give her this elation feeling and increase her appetite; both of which are occurring!! I told her if I could give her steroids every day I would, but I can't, so let's enjoy every moment you are here and do all the things you want to do.

Love and prayers to Val always.......Salynn

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Katrina Catto said...

Glad you are having a great time!