Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Wednesday Aug 26, 09 One day past chemo #2 of a set of 6
Val had a nice anniversary with Dad over the weekend. She ate some of the lobster meat her maid of honor at her wedding sent them. Val thought it was very cute Cindy Cato had put a sign on their lawn "honk for Jay and Val it's their anniversary."

On Monday morning, Val was able to go to the burial ceremony for Bella her Aunt. Dad was able to push her in the wheelchair which is coming in handy. Val has been having some rough days and nights as far as abdominal pain. One night DAd was rubbing her back from 2-4am as the pain meds he had given her were not doing the trick.

Mary the VNA nurse was back from her honeymoon on Monday so Val had a full check up. Mary heard the increased fluid in her abdomen and around the right lung by stethoscope despite the new aeration going into the right lung. Val admitted to having some new shakes of her body like she is shivering. This as well as the confusion that is occurring more often is both side effects of the medications she is on. Mary offered Dad some ideas to counter these problems.

Tuesday was chemo #2 of this second set of 6 which Val has elected to do. She received the gemzar and the docetaxol at 75% maximum dose. She had no reactions to the chemo so she was home by 2:30 that day. She has been sleeping most of the time almost 80% according to Dad.
Her appetite comes and goes, but her weight at 153 stayed the same as she has fluid building up in her abdomen adding water weight to her.

Today is Wednesday. Another visit to Val by the VNA nurse Mary to give Val the Nuralasta shot which helps to keep her WBC up above too low. Val her RBC shot the Aresnep on last Tuesday. That shot is supposed to keep her RBC from being too low.

Love and prayers to Val always.....Salynn

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