Friday, August 28, 2009

Friday Aug28, 09
The double dose of chemo has kicked in in all departments. Val has eaten very little, became constipated for three days, and has had increased pain which requires two vicoden at one time. She has had no vomiting which is a blessing. Val continues to be extremely tired with very little awake time. The times of her confusion or delusions has increased also while she is awake.
Val because she has felt basically terrible has refused a shower for 6 days now. This is a very sure sign of how bad she actually feels.

Mary the VNA nurse has seen Val both Wed and Friday. She recommends that Dad keep some morphine for Val in the house as she anticipates the pain to increase. Discussion of increasing Val's Fenatanly patch from 100 to 150 mg has occurred also. Mary always seems to be totally sincere in her words of care for Val. Dad seems so confident in how well she works together with DAd and Val reading his emotional state at each moment. According to Dad, working with Mary is like having a friend in your house. It is a comfort to know Dad feels such support and comfort in the care Mary gives to Val.

Mary has initiated the difficult conversations of letting Dad have medical authority to make decisions for Val when she is no longer capable of doing so . Val was crying and said of course she trusts Dad and has confidence he could make the correct choices for her. As of now, no papers have been signed, but the reality of it is, Val really wants to continue treatment and wants all heroic measures to preserve life. This is still her voice at this time.

Val's blood levels are still on the low levels, but acceptable. The scary thing is that Val's INR is dangerously high. This a blood thinning level. The INR normal level is .9-1.5. Val level went from 3 to a 7. The nurses called two times today to check to make sure Val wasn't bleeding out. This is Dad's worst fear that Val will start bleeding and won't be able to stop. Well, Val is safe so far and not bleeding. Her blood thinner is stopped until a new blood can be drawn on Monday.

Love and prayers to Val always.....Salynn

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