Sunday, August 9, 2009

Sunday Aug. 9, 09
Val was happy from the moment we got to Maine and all throughout her trip. There was not a moment she expressed any sadness. Why should she be she though? Kennebunk Maine to Val is the epitome of Heaven on earth and always has been. She experienced only peace and an inner feeling of being at home on Gooch's beach. One time, she even told me she felt this was where her soul was born and thus drawn to it. In past summers, she would spend a month at a time there. I commented to her that I never could understand how she was never lonely. Now, I understand. She had all the animals on the beach and their owners keeping her company every day. The routine we had for four days was the routine she kept every day she had been there previous. She would get up and be on the beach with Fuller from 7-9 am and then go back to bed for a rest, only to return to the beach after 5pm until sunset. She kept this routine throughout all types of weather. The joy and happiness that Val experienced in Kennebunk of the beach of Maine was the happiness anyone of us wishes we could experienc in our lives. Val had that at Gooch's Beach.

Since we've been home in Barre, Fuller has been demonstrating the fatigue we all feel. A sort of exhaustion that the adrenaline we were running on was allowed to come to a stop. Val remains with no complications from our trip except a superficial bruise on the back of her right thigh that we think was where the wheel chair cushion ended. Just an example of how fragile her skin and vascular system really is. Dad and I decided to try an ace bandage around the top of her right thigh to help reduce the swelling which may reduce the pain she feels when she rises from sitting and when she walks. She is now going to be taking one steroid a day versus the two she was taking in ME. Val ate last night for dinner the Vietnamese egg rolls that she bought from her manicurist Thao. Delicious!

I was able to organize Val's clothes a little more last night. She is now a size large versus a 2x. All her clothes that fit are in a drawer and all the ones that are too big are packed away. She also allowed me to borrow her address book so I could write little notes to her friends in ME. Please realize that she shakes when she writes so it is difficult for her to write. But she LOVES getting letters in the mail; she doesn't check her email any more or really have the energy to talk on the phone, please wrote to her.

I kept looking for a special sign from the Gods while I was there. As I reflect, I believe I was looking too hard the sign. The trip itself was a true miracle. The Gods were looking out for Val bringing safe travels to and from, the perfect weather, the friends and dogs, and the joy my father and I experienced watching Val experience such happiness.

Love and prayers to Val always......Salynn

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