Friday, August 7, 2009

Thursday Aug 6, 09
Wow!! What a terrific day from the moment we left for the beach. Val spent the morning at the beach seeing all her friends!!! She saw everyone from her friend Steve and his wife to all the dogs and more dogs. As we left the beach her friend Gabrielle and her husband brought their two horses in a trailer to the sidewalk in front of the Naraganset. Val was able to see the horses and pet them and love on them as they walked around beside her on the side walk!! For those who know Val she loves all animals. She had gone with Gabrielle and her horses to the Colony resort in Kennebunk to walk the horses on the grounds and have all the patrons ride or pat. She loved it all!

She rested for the rest of the morning!! She returned the the beach at 6pm. How, sorry she was she missed Gabrielle who waited form 5-5:30, but promised to come back in the morning. Her good friend Donna was waiting at the beach for her in the evening and spent the whole evening withe Val. Val was able to catch up on all the gossip of all the dogs whom she loves. The sunset was as beautiful as every moment has been.

She has been very stable medically since we have been here. She is not running a fever, her swelling in her legs is stable and she has no increase in pain. We have been very lucky.

Love and prayers to Val always.....Salynn

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