Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Tuesday Aug. 11, 09
The reality of it is Val is a fragile weak person at this time. Today was a sleepy day as it was rainy in Barre, VT. Since Rudy and Lea were not visiting this afternoon, Val and Dad were resting and sleeping most of the day away. Unfortunately, Val didn't wake Dad while he was napping. She got up from the bed upstairs and tripped on her oxygen cord and fell to the floor. Dad awoke to a big bang. Val is not steady on her feet to begin with. As I told Dad, if he said she fell from loss of balance alone I wouldn't have been shocked. There were several times in ME that I had to just steady her while she was walking. Needless to say, this was a scary day because of the fall. Dad had to bring the footstool over to have her put the good leg, the right leg, under her while putting her hands on the footstool to try to rise to stand. As of right now, her only injury is a sore lower back which they are putting some ice on. The second injury is a breach of trust now ...Dad has to know Val will wake him or else he will never allow himself to surrender to sleep. The third injury is the guilt that Dad must forgive himself for not hearing her. He is exhausted and I am happy to know he is capable of napping. He never once let himself nap despite my coaxing and encouragement while we were together in Maine. Dad has an eye appointment in Burlington on Thursday. Now, he is even more scared of leaving her with her parents who are both 86. We brainstormed some people who could be called in case she needs someone. He won't ask my brother Baine or my sister Alison as he doesn't want to take them away from their jobs. They would come if he would let them.
I pray the injuries Val has sustained are s minimal as they appear tonight.

Love and prayers to Val always..... Salynn


mary s. said...


Please tell your Dad and Val , that if Rudy or Leah need anything, they could phone Mary Simonetta. I would phone your Dad tomorrow, but would be unsure whether either of them might be resting. I happen to have Thursday free and would be more than willing to help any way I could.
I know it is difficult for your Dad to ask for help, but PLEASE relay to him how available I am if either of them need anything.
Thank you Salynn for all the writings --- The trip to Maine brought floods of tears as I read them.
My thoughts are with you all.

gabriela said...

Hi Salynn,

Keeping posted - waiting for the results of the scan, and decisions to follow. Give your dad our heartfelt wishes and tell him he'll do Val more good if he can sleep. I'm sure Val won't try that again. We have apresentation tomorrro but 31/2 hours is doable by car - if a need for help arises, please call me - one ofd the benefits of being self-employed. Gbriela