Monday, August 10, 2009

Monday Aug. 10, 09
It was a busy day. Dad and Val were up at the crack of dawn to eat breakfast before the visiting nurse came to do draw blood and do a routine check of all systems. At 9:30 Val began drinking the radioactive dye liquid that prepares her insides for the CAT SCAN. Dad drove her up to CVH in Berlin which is only 10 minutes from their house for the scan scheduled for 10:30. With a few delays, the test was completed and they were back home by 1-1:30. Dad had hoped Val would like to go to the cafeteria for lunch in the hospital, but she just wanted out of there. She rested peacefully the rest of the afternoon. She continues to eat well or at least a minimal to moderate amount of food for each meal. Either the chemo is out of her system or the one steroid a day is helping. The results of the scan will be in writing by Thursday we think. The amazing thing is that during the week we were in Maine, her Hemoglobin level rose from 8.2 to 9.2. The WBC is high again at 144 vs. 117 before ME.

Prayers to Bella, Val's Aunt who is 90 and went to the hospital today by ambulance due to trouble breathing. She suffers form congestive heart failure. At this time, Bella is requesting to be put into a nursing home. All the red tape is to follow.

Love and prayers to Val always....Salynn

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