Friday, August 7, 2009

Friday Aug. 7, 09
The stars aligned for this trip. For those that know Val, she believes things happen for a reason. It was another great day in Kennebunk. It started at the beach with visits from all her friends...I won't mention names as the morning is FULL of people and FULL of dogs!! A beach family of support has been with Val for four days, and she surely felt from each one of you your support, strength, confidence and love. To top off the morning trip to the beach Val had a heart felt moment with Barbara Bush. She came straight to Val sitting in the wheelchair to say hello and how good it was she was at the beach and of course which one is your dog? Val will now have a picture with Barbara Bush to put next to her one of her and George taken years ago in the pharmacy her in Kennebunk. Val has always admired Barbara and tracked her well being. It was a genuine visit from Barabara which shows her goodness comes from her heart.

Val's friend Diane came to visit at 9:30 to 10:30 as we were making our way home from the beach. Val was able to nap for an hour before she got in the car for her scheduled manicure/pedicure. I can't thank Thao enough for the professional care she gave Val's toes to keep her from getting an infection from an ingrown toenail. (That is truly the last thing Val needs.) At 2:30, we were off on a drive past the Bush's home and out to Porpouise Beach. From there back to downtown where she wanted to buy her two very special nurses a gift from her trip. She waited in the car while I showed her the choices....Val loves to shop.

Val was able to nap just one hour before dinner and then off for the final night and sunset at Gooch's Beach. It was great as her friends Sarah, Betty, Gabrielle, and Peggy and Fred were there to give best wishes and share/ exchange one more time. There was good fortune this night as I found two more sand dollars at the beach this evening. A good sign I believe.

Love and prayers to Val always.......Salynn


Fran said...

For the first time since November I have had a lighter heart these past few days thinking of Val in her most special place. This could not have happened without you Salynn - may the stars align for you and yours as well.

Anonymous said...

Hi Sunshine Val,
I was sad to see that you have cancer but your smiling face far overshadowed that and it was such a blessed treat to see you and talk with you at the beach. I am so thankful that Jay and Salynn were able to get you and Fuller here for a few days. The beach does a body good doesn't it?
Blessings, prayers and lots of love to you,
Jan, Sadie, Bailey and Mia