Saturday, August 22, 2009

Saturday Aug. 22, 09
Happy 25th Anniversary to Val and Dad today!

The CAT SCAN results of Val's head has all come back negative with no signs of metastasis to the brain. This is great news as Val has been quite nervous and upset thinking the cancer had traveled further, but it has not. Her confusion at times must be from medication. Val had not had very good days on Wednesday evening and Thursday as the chemo causes increased pain in her abdomen and a decreased appetite. Dad was able to give her two pain pills Thursday during the night which seemed to bring the pain back under control.

I stopped on Friday in the am to bring breakfast to Val and Dad. We had brought them fresh picked blueberries and homemade blueberry muffins. We also brought them anniversary cards and gifts from all their grandchildren. Val was up in the bedroom and called down to us when we arrived "Is that little people I hear". She was all smiles. My three children kept them entertained for an hour while Val ate a small breakfast and then walked downstairs to her hospital bed. It is nice to see them excited to see three of their grandchildren (they have a total of 8).

Val and Dad cancelled the VNA nurse on Friday morning, not because we were there, but because their favorite nurse Mary has been on her honeymoon all week. Mary will return on Monday to draw blood before the chemo scheduled for Tuesday.

During all my visits to their house I have been helping to organize some of Val's many piles of "things". Her book collection is one such "thing". However, a friend called to borrow the Bronze Horseman, and we can't find it. If any of her friends who read this blog has borrowed it, please call Val as she cannot remember loaning it to anyone. Thanks.

On a sad note, Lea's cousin Bella passed away from congestive heart failure on Wednesday afternoon. The wake is Sunday night and the funeral is Monday at 10 am. Val was close to Lea's cousin so this brings Val sadness, yet peace as she was 90 years old.

Love and prayers to Val always.......Salynn

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Anonymous said...

Val, thinking of you and Jay often, hoping that things get easier and easier. Foss Street is not the same without you visiting your parents. Dee O Gee really misses Fuller and I know that Izzie wants to meet a new friend. I too miss you and hope that you'll be up for a visit from me when you feel stronger. Just give me a call, I'll be there. Love to all of you, Trudy