Saturday, July 4, 2009

July 4, 09 Saturday

Happy fourth of July to all the followers. Dad and Val spent the day fighting the fever that was present yesterday as well. She was running a 100.5 both days which lowers slightly with a vicoden. This is the fever temperature to call the MD, but since the nurse Mary is coming tomorrow there is no real urgency to call. Dad would like Mary to call the MD office and get orders to draw blood tomorrow on Monday as her RBC count is low at 8.4. The white blood cell count is low also, but he didn't tell me the number. The fever can be of unknown origin or from the chest wound site so nurse Mary will take a look at it tomorrow. We already know the wound carries a staph bacteria.

Val plans to have chemo this Friday July 10 and Friday the 17 . Our whole family (Ryan from TX, myself from NJ and Baine from Morrisville Vt are all at Alison 's for the Fourth) is in town so someone will drive them to and from chemo on Friday and someone will visit with them during chemo as well.

This is suppose to be the "best week" in between chemo cycles so lets say some psoitive things. Val was in good spirits talking and laughing when we all stopped for a short 45 minute visit on Wednesday. That was the first time she has seen her grandchildren (with the exception of Reed and Jazanne) since last Aug 08. Almost a whole year has passed, as we have kept our young children away due to germ reasons and her risk of catching almost anything that comes to her new. She has had a couple of better nights enjoying some TV time with Dad at night. She even mentioned to Dad she wanted to take a walk on Foss Street in Barre when the rain stops. It is nice she has the desire to do some special things.

Love and Prayers to Val always......Salynn

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