Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Tuesday July 21,09 Four days past chemo # 13
Wow. I didn't realize I hadn't blogged since last Wednesday. Busy summer days down here in Jersey.

Val was able to go to chemo last Friday July 17, 09. Steffan Ryan's wife was able to visit that day during chemo. Dad said that Val was alert and speaking with a really nice couple from Plattsburg NY (she has stage 3 ovarian cancer). These women were discussing their pain patches. Val feels no real effect per say when the 100mg patch is put on whereas this other woman who receives 25mg feels something within the first hour. Don't get me wrong the pain patch is working for Val and giving her relief, but the actual feel of it working is something she doesn't perceive.

Saturday Val was resting most of the day. Baine and Denise wanted to visit, but Dad said no as he was too exhausted and don't forget they have Rudy and Lea everyday visiting for two hours. Saturday, Val received her nulasta shot to help keep the white blood cell numbers up. Speaking of blood cells, Val's RBC count was actually a 10! Wow a number she never really sees as she is usually 8 and normal is 14-16. We do believe it was from her two pints of blood she received last Wednesday and the shot of aranesp she got the previous Friday kicking in ( it works in a 1-3 week time span to boost RBC).

At chemo on Friday, the chemo nurse Tony mentioned that we could get a prescription for steroids to give Val a boost during her trip to ME that we are planning. I thought it was a great idea as she seems to feel a little less pain when she is taking them. Also, Val said that she would wait the full 21 days before having the CAT SCAN. But if she feels well enough we would go to ME before that time. It is really a Russian roulette game as to when we go to ME. It is a decision that Dad ,Val, the nurses Tony and Mary are making together. We want her to be as stable as possible to avoid having to take her to the hospital up there for infections or blood transfusions. Val is getting excited as she told Rudy and Lea that Salynn is going to come and take us to ME when I am feeling stronger. It is great she is looking forward to it.

Love and prayers to Val always. Salynn

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