Monday, July 6, 2009

July 6, 09 Tuesday
It was a great day for Val and she is very proud of herself and what she has accomplished today. She dressed, rode down to Foss Street in Barre and walked from her house to the end and back!! She went into her parents house after her walk. This was the first time since last summer she has been there!!! She has been thinking and planning this walk and visit to her house for several weeks so all of us are smiling from ear to ear for her today.

Mary the visiting nurse came this morning before her walk and this afternoon after her walk. The reason was the regular blood was drawn this morning with the WBC unchanged, but low. The RBC is also low at 8.4. Val's fever was up to 100.9 last night. The MD requested a second round of blood to be drawn along with a urine sample and a chest wound culture (I think)

Despite the fever, Val did not let it hold her back and she did something she has been wanting to do ...the walk.. go get'em Val!! Carpe diem..

Love and prayers to Val.......LoveSsalynn

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