Friday, July 10, 2009

July 10, 09 Friday Chemo day
Val hasn't had the best of weeks. It really basically was rotten. Here it was suppose to be her best week the third week after her chemo and all week she fought a fever and didn't feel well. As it turned out, she has another urinary tract infection. She started the antibiotics on Tuesday, but come Thursday she started vomiting in the morning, by afternoon she was eating a little tomato soup and held down dinner also. Friday morning, today, started off the same vomiting with added diarrhea and a fever. At 8:30 she wasn't going to chemo at 9:30 she was going to chemo. What a roller coaster for Dad emotionally.

The good news is her chemo CA-125 marker is down to 30. She was able to get her IV fluids, her anit-nausea meds and her gemzar chemo today from 10:30-2:30. Ryan and Steffan were at chemo today as Ryan has never witnessed the chemo yet. Val saw the MD after chemo. Dr. Eltabackh, couldn't explain the fever except to say most likely it is the UTI, or the cancer itself. The doctor continues to say that the abdomen has less distention and less fluid which tells us her abdomen is not filling with cancer. She does have the tumors on the pancreas and liver that has been there since the last cat scan. The next chemo is next Friday and 3 weeks following is the Cat SCAN. .

I myself saw her chest wound site on Thursday morning in between the vomiting and I can say the wound looks great...smaller, less deep and not at all infected. It looks like a wound that might actually close in the next month. Hooray.

On Thursday, I was at Val's for the morning. I actually drove down a Yukon car so Dad and I could sit in it and put Fuller into it. This is the type of car we will rent to go to ME after the CAT SCAN. We analyzed the car and discussed where we will put the oxygen and the rental wheel chair. I drove it on the lawn in front of Val's window as she wanted to see it. She liked it!!! Then Dad and I went through her clothes to find her large and extra large sized clothes to take to ME. We also found all the travel bags. Dad and I also tried to make a big, giant list of all the things we will need for the trip. Something to look forward to!!!!

Love and prayers to Val......Salynn

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