Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Wednesday July 29, 09
I spoke to Val's friend Donna from Kennebunk ME this morning on the phone. I asked her to be the news release person for us up in ME to let all Val's beach friends know she will be there next Tuesday thru Saturday.

Val's nurse Mary came today. Val's chest wound looks better almost as if it is on the verge of healing. Dad has it covered with a band aid now. Val's BP is running low when she is lying down 80/60 and goes up to 100/60 sitting. Val ate dinner sitting up in the leather recliner for dinner tonight whihc is something she hasn't done in a month or so now. She has to spend a little more time up in chairs and not so much time lying down so she can tolerate the wheelchair and her sitting time at the beach. So now is the time to have her walk a little more each day too ( she won't be so much against it if she knows her goal actually going to happen in one week). She has been eating more every day a few more bites and a few more sips to gain a little more strength.

Everyday Dad and I are checking our list and talking about the rental car and all we are bringing and all we need to do ahead of time. Going to ME is something Val really wants to do and we will do everything in our powere to make it happen.

Love and Prayers to Val always......Salynn

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