Monday, July 13, 2009

July 13, 09 Monday Three days past chemo
Val has slept the days away starting Saturday and Sunday. She needed the rest. She did make it down stairs each day to sleep in her hospital bed. Dad has been letting her eat all her meals in bed again, but being down stairs makes it easier for him. Dad actually had to wake her to eat lunch and dinner. She continues to eat very little, maple creemee with berries, ensure protein drink, ginger ale, and tomato soup are her staple foods. I know she continues to lose weight as she eats so little.

Val has kept all her food and pills down since Friday's chemo. She continues on her antibiotic for the UTI. Sunday she was fever free for the first time in almost a week.

Love and prayers to Val always......Salynn

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Anonymous said...

Val and Jay, It's been awhile since I visited this site, I am sorry things have been so hard for you both. My thoughts and prayers are with you, keep up the battle.
I wanted to let you know that Claudia, Mandy and Amy are arriving today from Germany to visit for three weeks. They are staying with Tim at his sisters place on Trow Hill, but promise to spend a lot of time here on Foss St. If you make another trip here to walk the road, let me know, I would love to see you. So would Izzy and Dee-O-Gee. They send their love to Fullerman as well as to you and Jay. Please give me a call sometime when you are up for conversing. Love Trudy