Monday, June 29, 2009

Tuesday June 29, 09 eleven days past last chemo
Val continues to read her mail so if anyone wants to send her a note she loves to hear from you.
Baine helped Dad wash the windows by Val's hospital bed so her view of the outdoors is much clearer. She sees Fuller on the lawn and the humming birds at her feeder.

We were proud of Val as she was not in the hospital nor did she need a blood transfusion since the last two chemo's. (Yea!! That was actually great) She continues to run the low grade fever on and off, but until it reaches 100.5 they don't even count it as a fever. The fever is either unexplainable or the fact that she did come back positive for a staph infection at the chest tube wound site, but it was not MRSA.

It has been a rough eleven days with that gross feeling in her mouth returning and causing a lack of appetite along with more pain and more fatigue. This past week Dad brought her breakfast to her in the bedroom and sometimes lunch too. However, Val went downstairs every day to the hospital bed so her parents didn't have to climb the stairs to see her. I consider this a great feat also as she continues to do the stairs! That is good for her lung health and her overall strength. Dad stated today that she is a little stronger as she needs less help rising from the toilet.

Last week Thursday, Val made the decision to change her primary care physician to Dr. Nicole Belinger, a physician in Barre. Val had to get dressed and go out for an appointment which was exhausting in itself. However, to both her and Dad's surprise was an positive, compassionate, thorough physical. This doctor had definately read all of Val's reports and knew what she had been through thus far. This doctor will coordinate with Dr Eltabacht all the medicines and treatments. This way if Val needs or wants to see a doctor she can go in Barre instead of all the way to Burlington. We are happy for Val for standing up for herself and getting a new MD that she really liked and one whom she can gain new trust in.

Val is scheduled to have her next chemo on July 10 and July 17. If she delays this chemo, Dad and I could take her to Maine that weekend or the weekend of Aug 1. First and foremost, Val has to WANT to do this for herself, this is NOT for me, Dad or any of her friends. If she wants this, Dad and I will make it happen. There are so many factors, her strength, her need for oxygen, her medications, her need for a rental wheelchair, her infection, her visiting nurse schedule, etc., etc., a big list, but one that could definitely be accomplished. Val will make the decision herself.

Love and prayers to Val always.........Salynn
(apologies to all who follow the blog as I was not near a computer for a week. If anyone needs a phone update please feel free to call me on my cell phone at any time 908-337-2983)

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