Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Wednesday June 3, 09 Day n13 from Chemo #10
The hospital bed was delivered yesterday. Val has remained upstairs so she hasn't used it yet. She continues to eat very little. She has been drinking the Ensure vanilla shakes, but really nothing else: the food either looks bad or tastes bad or she doesn't like the chewing part.

The wound specialist from the VNA will come tomorrow to give us advice on how to change the treatment of the wound.

Mary the new visiting nurse is available M-W-F and a woman named Dorla from the VNA were veryhelpful to Dad on the phone today ccoridinating medications. Val's blood was drawn yesterday. The RBC level went from 8.2 to 8.7. The WBC count went from 13000 to 17000. The coumadin level went from 53 to 74. The ANF in the hospital was .06 and went up to 1.88 at her discharge from the hospital. Val's Fentanyl patch will be increased from 50 to 75 so she can decrease the oral vicoden from 8 down to 4-6 pills per day. Perhaps it is the chemo giving Val such a bad taste in her mouth and not allowing her to eat.

Today was a good day for Dad in the fact that all the people he spoke to on the phone from the nurse Amy at Eltabahk office, to Carrie the case manager at Blue Cross Blue sheild, to Mary and Dorla the VNA nurses.....they were all on his side making his life easier and helping him. Almost like finally people are really coordinating Val's care for Dad instead of Dad having to do it all alone.
Love and prayers to Val ....Salynn

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Anonymous said...

Thank you so much for keeping us posted on Val's current status. It means a lot to us who live far from her.