Sunday, June 14, 2009

Sunday June 14, 09 Two days past chemo #??10 ( I actually forget)

Val did not receive RBC on Friday as her count went from 8 to 8.8 (normal is 12-14). She did receive the gemzar chemo at 20% less than the 100% she got last time because she is soooo weak. She was the weakest ever at chemo and basically slept through the chemo. She didn't really remember the event at all that much the next morning on Saturday. Her next chemo is scheduled for this coming Friday, June 19 where she will receive the Gemzar and the Docetaxol chemo. She will receive a special shot Saturday after this chemo which will help to maintain her WBC (white blood cell) count high. We hope to keep her out of the hospital free from infections which comes from the low WBC.

Dad thinks Val received some steroids on Friday at chemo because she seemed to bounce back by Saturday afternoon and have almost a complete 360 turn around. By dinner she was feeling much better, more alert and asking to see the chinese menu for take out. They sat at the dinner table for dinner together which hasn't happened in a long time. Val continues to come downstairs daily and use her hospital bed. She is able to see Fuller outside, see Dad getting the mail, watch humming birds at the feeder at her window and watch Dad in the kitchen. Some vantage point!! Val's oxygen was increased from 1.5 to 2% oxygen as of Friday also. This she uses constantly.

Val's fentanly pain patch was increased from 75 to 100 as of last Friday. Val was able to go 24 hours before needing one Vicoden pain pill. Mary the VNA (visiting nurse association) nurse recommended changing this patch every two days instead of every three days for better pain control.
Love and Prayers to Val always....Salynn

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